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Diablo 3

As I install the 15GB package from my CD ROM I will say some of the benefits of getting a D3 boxed copy include: 1. Traditional Blizzard note paper 2. 3 Guest Pass codes to Diablo 3 (for limited playing) … Continue reading

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Diablo III 1.0

Oh, really… at 2:30 on launch day your servers are busy? I’ll be the best fan you have… and just go to sleep and hope that in a few hours their working again.  Asshats.

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Madden 12 deal

I know it’s Diablo III launch day and all, but Best Buy’s deal of the day is Madden 12 for $9.99.  Also the Hall of Fame edition of the game is $19.99. That’s a pretty good price for the game, … Continue reading

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Friday notes

– I’m out of town this weekend as I’m attending the Minnesota Walleye opener tomorrow.   Still, have a few things to catch up on. – Can’t wait to see game 7 between the Capitals and the Rangers.  Man, I … Continue reading

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Tuesday notes

– Man do I hate the Rangers.   Still, it was a bad penalty that cost the Caps the game. You get your stick up like that and a ref will be forced to make that call.  Hopefully the Caps come … Continue reading

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Max Payne 2 : anyone?

Because of my addiction to Video Games, I buy them for the quick buzz and then I’m left feeling empty inside. Anyway, I preordered Max Payne 3, who knows if I’ll play it, but they gave me a free Max … Continue reading

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It is still early (I remember 10 or so years ago when the Os were in first place at the all star break and then Raffy got a 50 game suspension and the team tanked) but this weekend against the … Continue reading

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