Riding the Pines – NCAA Football 13 interview with Ben Haumiller (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of our 2-part interview with Ben Haumiller producer for EA Sports, NCAA Football 13.

In part 2, here is what we discussed

– The inclusion of the new reaction time feature and people’s initial thoughts of the feature

– The new kickoff rules and how they might impact the in game AI

– How South Alabama was not included in the game and the process to adding a school in the future

– How the University ratings will now fluctuate, for the recruting system, and how they ratings may change

– How does your academic rating and campus lifestyle actually get altered through the game?

– How the recruiting system has changed in the dynasty mode

– Game updates now being presented to you in game and when the simulation for those games happens

– Are exports of draft classes and road to glory players still in the game?  (answer… no.)

– What the future of the game looks like with the elimination of the BCS

Check out the interview on iTunes or via our nifty little web player right here.


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