Sunday notes

– I have to give a ton of thanks to blog reader, Chris Doherty, who re-created the Riding the Pines graphic that we use on iTunes.   I just uploaded it to the site, so it should show up on iTunes very soon.  Thanks again, Chris.

– The NCAA Football 13 interview went very well with Ben Haumiller.  I hope that you’ve had a chance to listen to it and enjoy what we had to talk about.  I always try to get outside of the cookie-cutter type interviews and get into more information about the game than a typical interview would.  Hope that you agree.

– I’ve now signed up for Playstation Plus and was debating picking up the Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds (Complete Pack) that they have on sale for $19.99, as it gives you all of the characters and courses.  Then I remembered that I bought Everybody Golf 5 (the Japanese version of the same game) back in ’07… and had acquired a Japanese PSN points card to buy the courses and such back then.

What I had forgotten was the crazy amount of time it takes to install and patch the game.  It took 2 hours to get the game to playing condition.  After waiting that long, and playing for a few hours, I realized I was good to avoid buying the game… even if it was “on sale.”

– That kind of leads into one of the next issues that Craig and I have been talking about recently… the fact that I just haven’t been playing as many games of late.  Right now, I’d rather be running, biking, or playing golf rather than be sitting around playing games, which is just so damn odd for me.  I’ve been wanting to play games more than anything else for the majority of my life, but all of a sudden, the urge to game is kind of fading away a bit.

Perhaps it’s just the fact that it’s summer that is causing that change.   Who knows?

– More tomorrow.

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