Quick Monday notes

– Just finished watching the first episode of “The Newsroom.’   Sorkin certainly does have a flair for dialogue.

– Just two more losses for the Brewers and they might just become sellers.. here’s to hoping.

– I was almost set to order a new projector for my home… then I started reading too damn many reviews.  Now I’m completely lost again.  Thanks internet!

– I have some more thoughts on the Sandusky matter, but I”m going to put them on a different site.  Just not the right forum for the topic, or at least how I’ll be discussing it.

– Have a good rest of the week.

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5 Responses to Quick Monday notes

  1. Breadmanben says:

    Glen, not really looking for more Sandusky commentary but I am interested in where else you are posting. Do you have another blog?


  2. msbonik says:

    A new projector? I am guessing you just want the large viewing area it can provide versus the cost of large lcd/plasma screens. The only times I’ve seen a projector setup done right though are in dedicated home theater rooms that were designed that way when the home was built. My wife’s boss did that in his new built home and it works excellent. However my buddy put a projector in his basement and the results are not so great.


  3. Glen says:

    I had a site that I used to write on quite a bit before I started writing here. I’ve been thinking about doing my more “personal” type of thoughts there again.

    I’ll post a link to it when I start doing more with it again.

    As far as the projector goes, I have a dedicated home theater in my home. It was one of the things that I desperately wanted when we built our house… and then we had kids and barely touched it for 4 or 5 years. Now that the kids are growing up, they want to watch more movies in it, so I need to replace the old Sony VPL-HS10 projector that I bought about a decade ago with a more updated model.

    I’m debating between a really nice 2D model or one that can do both 2D and 3D (as my girls really love watching cartoons in 3D.)

    There are 4 3D models that are all in the right price range that I’m looking at, but I’m really debating just going back to 2D. If I was to get 3D, I’d want to make sure that the PS3 would play games well on it, and from what I’ve heard, the lag can be pretty noticeable.

    Thankfully, I’m not in a huge hurry to make a decision, so I can take my time and really think it over before making a purchase.


  4. msbonik says:

    Ugh. I am not a fan of 3D at all. I think it is a fad that will fade away or just become another feature on a viewing platform and not a main selling point. But I digress.




    • Glen says:

      The Epson 5010 is one that I am definitely considering, just because of the black level images that I’ve seen for it.

      I have loved my Sony projector for all these years, but it was a loud projector and I’m seeing now that there are plenty with better warranties as well (Epson and Optoma come to mind there.)


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