Wednesday notes

– I’m taking a few minutes out of my semi-annual watching of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (this time on Blu-Ray) to have a quick post.

– Yesterday was the first time that I ever rode my bike to work.  23 miles each way and it went just about as well as I hoped that it would have.  I didn’t really try to bust my butt, but just to complete the ride. I managed to finish each way in 1 hour and 30+ minutes, but I can live with that time and improve on it (when it isn’t nearly 100 degrees all day.)

– The Google presentation at their IO event was quite interesting today.  While you won’t find me spending $1,500 for Project Glass… it certainly does look like an amazing bit of technology and is something that I would love to get a chance to see in action.

The Nexus tablet had me interested until I saw that it doesn’t have a micro-SD card slot.  That pretty much made it a no-sale item for me.

Oh, and I’ll be getting Jellybean for my phone in the next month (as long as I root it… stupid Verizon with their crazy update delays.)

– Still looking into projector stuff.  It’s going to be an ongoing battle to determine what will be the best projector for the long run.  I know that I’m spoiled having had a 10 year run with my last projector… so anything that I’ll be getting with the next one probably won’t have even close to that lifespan.

– Stupid Brewers had to go and win today.  Thankfully a scout for the Rangers was on hand to watch Greinke pitch.  Milwaukee just doesn’t have the tools to make a run this year.  Too many injuries and too little hitting from anyone that isn’t Braun or Lucroy (or Ramirez, of late.)  Make the moves that are necessary for them to be a great team next year, or the year after.

– Probably won’t get time to post tomorrow as I”m golfing after work, but we’re looking to try and do a show on Friday night.  Been a while since we had the band together… might be worth a shot.

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2 Responses to Wednesday notes

  1. msbonik says:

    Hah, I have the extended special editions on DVD but I refuse to watch them now that I know that LOTR is out on bluray. Just need to catch that Amazon sale sometime.


  2. Glen says:

    I ended up getting them from Walmart for $34.99 before tax. Couldn’t have passed up that deal if I tried…


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