Monday notes (I’m back)

Man, you take a look at the post log and see that you haven’t posted in far too long.  No real explanation for it, just been doing a lot of things at home and such.    Let’s try and catch up.

– Now that the NCAA has handed down it’s penalties to Penn State, it’s clear to see that nothing like this could or would ever happen again.   I’m sure the loss of money and bowl bids will make sure that no university will ever put their own prestige and pride ahead of the need to do the right thing again.  Glad that’s all done.

– One thing that Dan missed with his post about the EA exclusivity lawsuit was the fact that EA cannot negotiate an exclusive deal with the NCAA for the next 5 years.

I don’t think it will matter as the only one with the means to make any NCAA games wouldn’t probably touch it (with the exception of 2K perhaps wanting to make a downloadable NCAA tournament type game.)

– On last Thursday, I was able to see the Dark Knight Rises, and while I thought it was a decent film, I just didn’t think it was as good as the first two movies of this newest Batman trilogy.

After seeing the movie, I went back to my old comic collection and read through the Knightfall series that introduced Bane.  Reading through the storyline, this is probably why I wasn’t as impressed with the movie, as I just  liked what they did with Bane’s character as well as how they showed Batman struggling with the stress of dealing with keeping Gotham safe.  It just seemed to be a much better explanation of how Bane was able to best Batman than how it was handled in the film.

I have a bunch of spoiler type questions to ask people if they’ve seen the film, so if you’d like to have that conversation, just email me.

– Another film that I saw over my hiatus was ‘In Time’ with Justin Timberlake.  I don’t know how the film got such negative reviews, but I loved the concept of people needing to pay for everything in their lives by sacrificing their future.  It wasn’t a perfect film by any means, but it was definitely enjoyable.

– 2 weeks ago, the Brewers looked like they had a chance to turn things around with a 9 game stretch against their closest NL Central foes, but after being swept by the Reds this weekend, they went 4-5 in that stretch and are now 10 1/2 games out of the lead for the division.  Their only real option right now is to trade anyone who isn’t Gallardo, Braun, or Lucroy and start building for ’13 and ’14.   Rumor has it that they offered Greinke $110 million+ over 5 years and he turned it down… which means he really didn’t want to stay in Milwaukee all that badly, so after his start on Tuesday (if all goes well… hell even if it doesn’t) I expect to see him dealt.

After last year when just about everything went right with the team, just about everything has gone wrong this year.   The bullpen has been a disaster and they have never been able to overcome the loss of their starting SS, 1st baseman, and left handed starting pitcher.

There will be a ton of people talking about how the Cards were able to come back from a huge deficit late in the year, but that is not this Brewers team.  They just don’t have the tools to make that deep run and they don’t have the players to trade at lower levels that they could use to acquire the players that they need now to make that run.

– In gaming…. I started to mess around with NCAA Football 13 and found that it deals with so damn many of the issues that we’ve seen for the past few years.  The CPU play calling is still horrendous and it just appears that they either have no idea how to fix the issues, or they just don’t care to even want to try.  When you’re seeing the CPU trying to call a 4 WR deep route from the 5 yard line repeatedly, it just becomes too damn frustrating.

I haven’t delved into the franchise mode largely because… well… I’m having a hard time trying to muster up interest in trying it.  I keep expecting that they are going to try and do things right, but after this many years, I can’t actually believe that they will.  I guess I”m becoming far too jaded to play their games.  Maybe time will change that, but right now, I just can’t get interested in it.

– That should be enough for now.  Have a great week everyone.

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