Madden Vita

Blech. Bad. Crippled. Horrid Frame rate. I wasted $40. Boring too. Play by Play doesn’t use names — just “the running back”…egad….

now Phil said that my team has had a problem all season with Yards after catch. Mind you this is game one, and in the 2nd quarter.

now the other team has scored a TD and is one point down pending the PAT. Phil and Jim said that there’s only one score away so the defense will have to do good clock management… on a PAT. Stupid.



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2 Responses to Madden Vita

  1. rpommier says:

    Dang you guys are critical this year. I bought both NCAA 13 and Madden 13. Had a decent time with NCAA. Completed an online dynasty with 3 friends at work and one on my own and we didn’t run into anything game-stopping, with the exception of my sucking with University of Houston (4-7) and my RB always sticking to my OL, but it didn’t send me of the deep end. I was happy enough that they got rid of the “Connection Failed” from last year.

    Anyway, I eBay’d it, endured my co-workers fury for quitting the league and bought Madden after playing the demo. Maybe I have blinders on, but this game is great. Yeah I’ve seen the stupid physic falls, but I don’t care! This game is fun, I’ve seen things I’ve never seen in any football game. Had an RB run fall to a knee on a defenders back and keep running! I’ve been horse-collared! Caught a ball and had 2 defenders and one of my own players run in to each other, I stumbled and fell into the endzone! That is great!

    Maybe I just don’t have the time to dig in and find every little thing wrong with the game. I’ve played 2 MUT games against random people, lost, but it was still cool, no cheap tactics. Haven’t started a Connected Career yet, but I’ve had more fun with this than any Madden in awhile. I’ll report back after a month or so and let you know where I stand.


  2. Dan says:

    Rod – I’ve been playing NCAA and Madden on the 360 and enjoying both. I think Madden on the Vita is a turd.


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