Monday notes

– Well, my first half-marathon is in the books.  2:08:25.   Not the time that I wanted, but I finished the race as best I could.

When I was putting my oldest daughter to sleep that night she asked me, “Daddy, why did you run that race?”

“Well,” I said.  “Sometimes you just want to do something to prove to yourself that you can do it.”

It’s a simple truth, but it’s probably the most accurate one.

– Most of the rest of my free time has been dedicated to Borderlands 2 on the PS3.  If you have a Playstation Network account, and the game, drop me an email and we can play some co-op.  My commando has been having a great deal of fun tearing through Pandora to this point.  “You get a bullet, and you get a bullet, and you get a bullet…”

– Based on my rough guestimate math that I’ve done over the past few weeks, I’ve determined that the Brewers need to get to win 8 more games for a real chance at grabbing the last Wild Card position.  For that to work out, they need St. Louis to go 5-6 in their last 11.  Which is possible considering that the Cards will be playing Cincy and Washington to finish out the season.  The Brewers have to play pretty much perfect baseball to make it, but hey… it’s been a hell of a comeback to get to where they are and it’s been fun either way.

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