Tuesday notes

– I think Dan misunderstood my post for anger.  Honestly, within seconds of watching the end of the game, I went back to playing Borderlands 2.

The NFL to me has little interest other than the fact that it is a simulation engine for my fantasy teams.

The owners and Roger Goodell have little to no interest in integrity, player safety, or hell even having the correct rules enforced at this point.

I will admit that in the past, I spent way too much time and wasted way too much emotion on the outcome of sporting events, and now I’m trying to distance myself from that.  The past few weeks where I have not cheered for a good play or been upset by a bad one have been terrific to this point and I’m not looking to go back.

Every time that I hear my daughters say, “The Packers are losing, and it’s ok if they do,” it gives me a good feeling to know that they might not be as fanatical as I used to be about events that have so little impact on us as people.

One thing is for certain though, if you can get Scott Walker to tweet a pro-union position… something is really wrong.

– Going to pick up my copy of the Avengers (3D version is $19.99 at Target) today.  I would be happy if Joss Whedon made every movie for the rest of time.  Just love the way that he writes and directs.

Edit: Target doesn’t have the copy for $19.99 that they put in their ad, so they are pricing the 3D copy to match that price point.  It’s a win for everyone.

– And now the Brewers have fallen 3.5 games back.  Again, wasn’t expecting them to pull off a run to win the Wild Card, but it has been great to see really good baseball again.  Also, it really bodes well for next year as the young players really do look like they are ready for competing in the big leagues.

– As I said before Borderlands 2 has taken up pretty much all of my gaming time.  ‘Ass pony says “Hi.”‘

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