Well yesterday was a banner day for fans of footy: FIFA 13 released on multiple platforms and PES released for the consoles but not 3DS or Vita (WTF). I have the 3DS and 360 versions of FIFA as well as the 360 version PES.

PES now requires an online pass also. Joy.

FIFA’s Ultimate Team is in a word: awesome. The online connected careers are even better. I am loving every part of this game. PES takes a more technical approach. The command list is daunting but those that train will be rewarded with how to do nutmegs on the GK. No EPL license so it’s Merseyside Red vs Merseyside Blue rather than Liverpool vs Everton. Player names are there however.

Graphics for PES are uh…well let’s just say Suarez doesn’t look like the real life counterpart, while on FIFA you could pick him out from a mile away. The gameplay on PES is still stellar — if you know what you are doing.

The 3DS version of FIFA is decent. Online rosters and online play (yay) and no pass needed. The 3D effect means you see the pitch from a vertical rather than horizontal perspective. I’m impressed with what they have done but I find the game hard to play.

I have not bought the PC or Vita versions of FIFA. PES is supposed to come out for the 3DS later this year. We’ll see. Anyway, if you love soccer I think you’re going to be happy this year.

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  1. wco81 says:

    ARe you going to try the iOS version this year? It’s suppose to have online play for the first time.

    No Madden 13 for iOS but still new FIFA.


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