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Day one download disaster

Since sprees aren’t open or I didn’t want to encounter issues driving, I used PlayStation Networks day one digital program to buy NFS and Assassins Creed for PS3 and Vita…it helped that I had $90 in PSN credit thanks to … Continue reading

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Disney buys Lucasarts. Episode VII of Star Wars to be released in 2015.

Dogs and cats… living together… mass hysteria. Link

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MLB12 (PS3) – $9.99 at Gamefly

I know some people don’t care for buying used games, but to get the most recent MLB title from Sony for $9.99 ($8.99 if you are a Gamefly member) is a pretty solid deal, considering it’s going to be 5 … Continue reading

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Free Fairway Solitare for the iPhone or iPod Touch

Just head on over to for the free giveaway. You have to know that Dan and I are huge fans of John’s work with the game, and you can’t beat the free price. Enjoy!

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PS Move Racing Wheel

As you may have heard, we’ve had a minor storm on the East Coast this week. This storm has disrupted shipping and a lot of midnight openings. As Glen pointed out on my Facebook page, there is another way to … Continue reading

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FIFA 13 is Amazon’s DOTD

Need a soccer fix? Today’s Amazon Deal of the Day is FIFA 13 for $39.99!

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Windows 8

So, who’s installed it? I put it on my PC over the weekend. I downloaded Win 8 to a USB drive and then installed it. I had issues. I could not get past the personalize screen, and the only way … Continue reading

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Tecmo Bowl special on ESPN2 today

At 1:30 CST. NFL films made a short documentary about Tecmo Bowl and it is running today. Hopefully it does justice to the greatness of the game.

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Sports champions 2

Anyone try it out yet? I will grab it and check out 3D Tennis with the PS Move

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Folding@Home ending on PS3

Folding@Home has to be one of the only ways that our humble little SportsGamerBlog is ranked higher than With the newest Playstation 3 update, Sony will be removing the Folding@Home app for the PS3. Now there is nothing that … Continue reading

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