Windows 8

So, who’s installed it?

I put it on my PC over the weekend. I downloaded Win 8 to a USB drive and then installed it. I had issues. I could not get past the personalize screen, and the only way I did was to reinstall again (it would roll back to Win7) and then install without bringing the ‘apps’ over..whatever that is.

I don’t have a touch screen. Loading is faster. The start page looks cool but it doesn’t seem all that functional to me. I always click in the upper left to go to the Win7 desktop, which does not have a start button which is how I’ve always run programs.

Stardock software has a program called Start8 that installs the start button. Best $5 you can spend. I know that’s sad, but it’s great (it is part of the whole Object Desktop suite — which also has Fences which is another awesome program).

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2 Responses to Windows 8

  1. rpommier says:

    I installed it on my laptop Friday and after some initial confusion with the UI, I think I like it alot. Beyond speed it has some small features which I really like.

    1. You can mount ISO’s
    2. Finally I can read PDF’s
    3. Launching & Switching between apps/programs is a snap
    4. It recognized all of my laptop special function keys, no need to load vendor specific drivers.

    I used Object Dock on my installs previously, I don’t need any type of quick launcher now.

    I was one of those guys who cringed at the Metro Interface. It’s really not that bad, I don’t spend alot of time in it. So for $38 bucks I’ve gotten a decent upgrade, I pre-purchased from Amazon $68 and got a $30 credit.


  2. msbonik says:

    I will be skipping W8, I don’t see any reason to. For my purposes W7 is still fantastic.


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