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Tecmo Bowl special on ESPN2 today

At 1:30 CST. NFL films made a short documentary about Tecmo Bowl and it is running today. Hopefully it does justice to the greatness of the game. Advertisements

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Sports champions 2

Anyone try it out yet? I will grab it and check out 3D Tennis with the PS Move

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Folding@Home ending on PS3

Folding@Home has to be one of the only ways that our humble little SportsGamerBlog is ranked higher than With the newest Playstation 3 update, Sony will be removing the Folding@Home app for the PS3. Now there is nothing that … Continue reading

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Friday notes (who is this guy edition?)

Well, hello there… I could regale you with all sorts of stories about all of the things that have been going on in my life, but it’s basically been a combination of playing a few games, spending time with family, … Continue reading

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Anyone here?

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Fun with Routers

I have an Iomega Network storage drive and a Cisco 4500 router. It works great for wireless but none of my wired devices hold the connection. The storage drive is connected via Ethernet and just disappears as does my main … Continue reading

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In other news, hands down, no question the best 360 sports game is FIFA 13. Every game I play I have been amazed at plays made, players making runs, ARs waving their flag for foul calls, etc. these seemingly little … Continue reading

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