Deep thoughts

So I got my iPad 4 today and aside from the lightning connector there’s not much diff at first use.

AT&T is offering $100 of a tablet if you do a 2 yr agreement. What’s cool is that it counts on mobile share which is $10 per tablet per month. Also the PS Vita counts as a tablet, which is nice if you say “I only I could play a shitty call of duty game while in the car”

I keep telling myself I don’t need an iPad mini, but I want one.

I do have a Wii U preordered for tomorrow but I am not all that excited after playing the in store console. I don’t know why I am buying it; it’s like just a routine. Although seeing Reggie on Jimmy Fallon did make me say wow that’s cool. But since the cool parts are multiplayer and I have no in person friends I’m not sure if that will work.

So in the meantime, it’s FIFA Ultimate Team and Halo 4

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