Monday notes

Another week…ish… another post.  We’re down another person at my office, so I’m working quite a bit lately.  Along with that, my oldest daughter got pink eye, and my youngest is sick as well.  Tons of fun at the Haag household.

– Maryland (and Rutgers tomorrow) to the Big Ten?  Good grief.  Just change the name… and the division names as well.  Maybe you could call it Big Ten + 4: The search for more money.  That would certainly be more honest.

– Picked up a WiiU for the family yesterday (somewhat for me, but it is a Christmas present for the kids as well.)  To this point, all I’ve done is to set the system up, run updates, and transfer content from my Wii over to it.

At this point, the games that I picked up were Nintendo Land (came with the Deluxe system,) New Super Mario WiiU, and Scribblenauts.

I have a few games in my rental queue, and have reached out to some publishers to take a look at some of their sports titles.  We’ll see how much time I’ll be able to put into it this week.  Since it is a Christmas present, we’re (sort of) hiding the system.  Basically, when the kids see where it is hooked up, we’ll let them play with it, but other than that… it’s going to have to be a late night system for a while.

– The only other thing that I’ve been messing around with is Professor Layton on the 3DS.  I love how clever the puzzles are and have been enjoying the way that the story in the game is unfolding as well.  Definitely a game to put on your list if you have a 3DS.


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