Long time no see

Quick thoughts:

1. I was able to get a great deal on the PlayStation 3D Monitor — $99 at Best Buy on Thanksgiving day. The guy at Best Buy didn’t even know that they were going on sale, but really is that surprising?

2. Vectrex Regeneration is now out for iPad. For $6.99 you get every official released game that didn’t have an accessory (no light pen or 3D imager games) and icade support Believe me it is a complete joy to play scramble with an arcade quality controller especially in the 5th stage…

3. I just got the ZAGG Keys Profolio+ since it was 20% off on Cyber Monday and they never go on sale. Finally a keyboard that has a case and is backlit. Awesome. I’d buy it at the regular price; in fact I may have to get this as a gift. I’m actually typing this out on it. Pretty cool!

4. Getting back to Vectrex regen – and to keep it sports related — there’s a soccer and football game in the mega pack. The football game is one of the first console games to keep stats, which is cool. The one player game is kinda lame as the CPU punts on first down but still I’ve enjoyed it to try to get the most number of rushing yards on it.

5. Anyone doing FIFA Ultimate Team? That is fun.

6. Fantasy Football: Losing Gronk crushed me. But still the #1 seed going into the final week of the season….we’ll see. I really would like Glen to buy me a game.

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1 Response to Long time no see

  1. msbonik says:

    I had him in another league, and now I have gone from stomping people to merely smashing them. In a related topic, it has opened my eyes to just how few premier tight ends there are in the league.


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