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Glen’s Game of the Year Notes

– Since Dan posted his games of the year, I’ll post my quick thoughts. Sports game of the year – The new Fairway Solitaire – Easily the most time that I spent with any sports related game this year.  Loved … Continue reading

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New Years Eve notes

– Have to say that I’m pretty exhausted this morning as I played 2 1/2 hours of hockey last night for two different groups.  One started at 7:45 and the other at 9:50.  Having to get all that gear on, … Continue reading

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Last post of 2012 (by Dan)

Well, it’s the last day of 2012. I hope everyone has a wonderful new year. Some highlights of 2012: Dan winning the SGB Fantasy Football Championship. Moving on, here are my sports gaming awards: Top Baseball game: The Show (duh) … Continue reading

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Thursday notes

– Hope everyone had a great holiday season.  As for me, I picked up this yesterday (and thanks to great shipping, it arrived today.) In the 4 DVD set, they include 4 of the best games in Brewers history (not … Continue reading

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FIFA 13 $19.99 (PC) until Midnight

Just FYI as part of their Christmas Day sale EA/Origin is offering FIFA Soccer 13 for the PC for $19.99. Today 12/25 only.

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Monday notes

– Not sure what it is, but the games that seem to be taking up the majority of my time lately are less expensive ones, rather than the full retail titles that I have with the game. In the last … Continue reading

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This just in…

The SportsGamerBlog Fantasy Football league has been disbanded. Just kidding, of course. Congratulations to Dan for winning the league. I will be sending him a copy of Faerie Solitaire on Steam as a reward for his victory. Congratulations again, Dan!

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Victory is Mine!

Woohooo! #1 baby! The Champion! 151 Fantasy Points…what a championship game. A 151-131 final which I tip my hat to BSG friend Howie. There is nothing more annoying that putting up 131 points and losing. If it’s any consolation, I … Continue reading

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WTF, Major League Soccer

Some of the MLS blogs have discovered that they have trademarked Cup names for rivalries, like the Cascadia Cup. Of course those of us in New England don’t have any rivalry cups because our team has sucked recently…but who the … Continue reading

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All’s well that ends well

My local vendor, that I bought the receiver from (a local home theater installer,) is taking the unit back and sending it to the distributor as DOA.  Also, he has a slightly better model receiver available that I’m going to … Continue reading

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