New Years Eve notes

– Have to say that I’m pretty exhausted this morning as I played 2 1/2 hours of hockey last night for two different groups.  One started at 7:45 and the other at 9:50.  Having to get all that gear on, play for an hour and a half, then take it all off, change, go to another rink, get dressed again , and then play for another hour has just got me wiped out today.

Gotta bounce back though, as I have a New Years party at my house tonight.

– My 8 year old entertained me greatly yesterday when she was watching the Packers/Vikings game.  I was busy with house stuff and wasn’t paying all that much attention to what was going on until heard her cheer at one point.

“Yay!  The Vikings scored.”

…a few minutes later…

“Yay! The Packers scored.”

“Who are you cheering for?” I asked.

“Both,” she responded.  “I want them both to win.”

Moments like that just make me smile.

– One thing that made me very sad in the last few weeks was to see that the mouse (technically a trackball) the Logitech Trackman Wheel has been discontinued.  I’ve been using this device for the last 10 or so years and absolutely love it.  I went to buy another one for my PC that I moved to my theater and was horrified to see that it has been discontinued.

Anyone have any recommendations for a good mouse or trackball (other than the wireless model that they replaced it with?)

– Lastly, I started messing around with Persona 4 Golden for the Vita, as I rented it from Gamefly.  The game is definitely different than any other RPG I’ve played recently.  I hadn’t tried any of the other Persona’s before picking this one up, so the gameplay system is very foreign (no pun intended) to me.

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