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Victory is Mine!

Woohooo! #1 baby! The Champion! 151 Fantasy Points…what a championship game. A 151-131 final which I tip my hat to BSG friend Howie. There is nothing more annoying that putting up 131 points and losing. If it’s any consolation, I … Continue reading

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WTF, Major League Soccer

Some of the MLS blogs have discovered that they have trademarked Cup names for rivalries, like the Cascadia Cup. Of course those of us in New England don’t have any rivalry cups because our team has sucked recently…but who the … Continue reading

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All’s well that ends well

My local vendor, that I bought the receiver from (a local home theater installer,) is taking the unit back and sending it to the distributor as DOA.  Also, he has a slightly better model receiver available that I’m going to … Continue reading

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Don’t buy a Denon receiver

So, the saga of my receiver repair continues.  The 1 to 2 week repair window that I was looking at for my, 3 month old, receiver is now 3 months.  I was told today that there is a 10 week … Continue reading

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Monday notes

– My wife and I got a chance to watch Ted last week and can safely say that if you’re a Family Guy fan, that movie will be right up your alley.  There were a few moments where I had … Continue reading

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Sunday Thoughts

1. As I’m watching Sunday Red Zone blowouts, all I wish is that I started James Jones in my playoff game. 2. As the husband of an elementary school teacher, all I can say is that they are woefully underpaid … Continue reading

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Friday 12/14/12

A few days ago my oldest daughter asked me if there were really evil people in the world. When an 8 year old comes to you and asks you that, you can’t help but to believe that they have finally … Continue reading

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