The Earl of Baltimore

Today is the day of the Baltimore Orioles FanFest which is from what I hear a great time for those that attend.

Unfortunately we have some sad news today as we found out that Earl Weaver died while on an Orioles Legends cruise. He was 82.

If you were an Orioles fan in the 70s/early 80s you know Earl Weaver. Sports Gamers in they 80s probably remember EA’s first sports game. In 1987, Earl Weaver Baseball was released (yes before Madden) on the Amiga. It was the reason many people bought an Amiga PC. His 3 run HR strategy vs bunt was all over that game. I still smile thinking about that game.

It didn’t have the same sales history or long term as Madden but it was the game to have if you liked baseball. He was Mr. Orioles and it is very sad to hear of his passing. I’m sure Glen remembers the 1982 season when the Orioles and Brewers played on the last day — and everyone knew it was Earl’s last game (before he came out of retirement in the mid80s but we’ll forget that ever happened). It was quite the game and quite the sendoff for Earl.

Well, I hope Earl is with Chuck Thompson enjoying a cold beer!


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