Xbox Live

So, I’ve hit another renewal year for Xbox Live and even though I have the option to renew at 40% off, I’m really debating cutting the cord with Microsoft.

The fact that I need to pay Microsoft anything for a service that I don’t even use is one matter.  The fact that I have to pay them so I can use services that I can access for free on my PS3 is another.

Why do I have to have Xbox Live Gold to use Netflix, Hulu, or NHL Gamecenter?  Sony gives you access to these without having to use anything other than a free PSN account.

I never play games against random people and haven’t played a game with anyone on my friends list in at least a year.

Also, why in the hell am I being inundated with advertisements every time I log into a service that I am already paying for?

I guess it’s safe to say that I’m pretty much saying out loud that I’m done with Xbox Live, but it’s really surprising to me that so many other people with multiple consoles haven’t done the same thing.

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