PlayStation 4

So did anyone check out that presser?

It was hysterical seeing the posts of certain “gaming journalists” on Facebook. They resembled true fanboys – saying how awesome this is and how this is the future, etc. Well it is the future because that is about the same time we’ll find out about what it looks like, the price, the release date, etc.

This presentation is very familiar. When the PS3 was announced we saw video of games that never materialized, nor was there a price.

There was one part where we saw the “emotion” of an old man. The presenter was telling us how many polygons were used. I will say I didn’t know if the games he was talking about were coming to PS3 or PS4. I thought they were all PS3 games, so if that’s the case, the number of polygons pushed on a PS4 weren’t mentioned.

If this presentation was designed to whet my appetite, I was not interested at all. Having a share button on a controller is about as dumb has having a rear touch pad on a handheld.

It appears the only people who thought this was an awesome press conference also enjoy sitting for photo ops between Mountain Dew and Doritos.

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2 Responses to PlayStation 4

  1. rpommier says:

    Looks like I might be sitting this one out. I’ve been moving more of my gaming over to PC anyway. I was really thinking about this yesterday and really can’t see a compelling reason for me to move to the next generation, especially if the games are more than $59.

    Then the whole backwards compatibility thing ticks me off, plus the way publishers turn off online support after a release or two.

    At least with the PC now, I am pretty much guaranteed backwards compatibility, cheaper prices and more games support the gamepad than at any point I can remember. Plus, I hate to admit it, but my stick skills are pretty much crap. I ordered Strat-o-matic football and have been having a blast with it. And it looks as if my new favorite game FIFA, will be on PC’s for the foreseeable future.


  2. rpommier says:

    Oh, and not to mention, free online!


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