PS4 thoughts

– What was funny to me about the PS4 reveal was the expectations of gamers.   It seems as though the entire thing was a reveal designed to get the interest of people making games, rather than the people playing them.

Gamers seemed certain that the entire conference was going to be about them and their expectations, but it really seemed after watching just a few moments of it that Sony was reaching out to the people who make games to say, “OK, our hardware really was a pain in the ass for you in the current generation.  How about now we give you essentially PC hardware and let you publish your own material on the platform (as a back-hand to Microsoft and how much cost and hassle it takes for developers, mainly indie, to put a game on Xbox Live.)”

– As for my impressions, there were two things that really stood out to me.  Remote play and instant on/off.

The Vita becomes a much more powerful WiiUPad if the Remote Play and latency issues are worked out.  I’d love to be able to start playing a game on the TV, stop gameplay, pick up my Vita and be able to continue the same game in the bedroom without missing a beat.  No cloud saves, no nothing… that would be nice.

That goes along with the instant on/off functionality that they were talking about. The Xbox if the Kinect is hooked up takes forever to start… and then I’m smacked in the face with advertisements the second it does.  Give me a console that can stop and start without me ever having to see an advertisement and store and I’ll be a happy camper.

– Having said all that, Romier really nailed it in his comments to Dan’s post from earlier.   The PC is really where I want to spend the majority of my gaming time now due to the flexibility it offers along with the fact that game pricing is so much better than consoles.

Take a game like Sleeping Dogs for example.  It released last August at a $49.99 price point on the PC and a $59.99 price point on the PS3 and 360.  I could have bought the game for $10 at Gamefly yesterday, but the best price I could have it for on a console is $29.99.

This is where the Steam Box concept will really kill the console market.  Almost every innovation that Sony tried to throw out yesterday is something that the PC should be able to do with almost no issues.

– Will I buy a PS4?  Eventually, I’m sure I will… because I’m an idiot.  But coming out of that conference, the clearest thing to me is that Sony wants to win the battle of the developers on consoles, but it may not be enough if Steam can make their Steambox console do the same sorts of things for a less expensive price point.

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