Tuesday notes

– Just another reminder to enter the blog bracket contest.  No cost involved and you get a chance to win a free game of your choice.  Send the link to your friends as well.

– The end of last week was a bit of a blur.  I ended up working between 60 and 70 hours on a project at work and on Thursday night only got 1 hour of sleep before going back to work for another full day.  On Friday night, I got home at 5:00, fell asleep by 5:30, and was out until 8:30 the next morning.

On Saturday, I went to a Badger Hockey game with the Mrs, and on Sunday I sat around the house and read pretty much all day.

So, I’m just starting to get back into the swing of things.

– Last night I spent a bit more time with my Road to the Show career in MLB 13 and was a September call-up for the O’s.

I have to say that while it isn’t realistic to play with the hitting on the beginner level, the game certainly is a great deal more fun to play with using that setting.

One thing that I have found is that the CPU does have a pretty high tendency to throw their strongest pitch right down the center of the plate about 50% of the time on the first pitch.  That might be a good reason why I have only taken a grand total of 1 walks throughout my entire career to this point.  Either that or I’m the next coming of Yuniesky Betancourt.

– One game that I haven’t mentioned lately, but I have been playing whenever I have a few spare hours is Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii.   I was truly shocked to see how quickly I was sucked into that game.  It plays almost like an MMORPG, but without having to play with any real people… which is almost a dream come true for a gamer like myself.   I know that the game is difficult to track down as it was only a Gamestop exclusive, but it’s well worth your time to try and find if you are any sort of an action RPG/MMORPG type game player… that doesn’t want to play with any real people. heh.

– Really, Jim Delany?  You’re going to make the Big Ten a DIII conference if Ed O’Bannon wins his court case?   (Side note: I really hope O’Bannon wins that case and exposes the NCAA for what it is, and forces the NCAA/EA Sports to stop selling their image and likeness without compensating them for it.)

The Big Ten would never give up the money that they make on sports, so it’s not going to happen… but it is great to see the commissioner of the league look like such an idiot for suggesting it, as well as for thinking that people would believe that he is telling the truth.

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