Tuesday night notes

– So, here’s what happened to my day today.

Photo: How is your morning?  Stupid deer jumped out at me.  Sheriff just put it down.

If you look carefully at the wheel, you can see tufts of hair.  That’s where the deer ran into the wheel of my car at about 7:50 this morning while I was on the way to work.

After that, I had to deal with the fun of insurance and getting a rental car (the first one smelled really bad and hadn’t been cleaned and was returned for a 2013 Nissan Altima, which is just plain awesome.)

All of that is adding up with a ton of other activities that I have going on over the next week…. Blackhawks game on Friday night, Brewers opening day (my first) on Monday, and a long weekend vacation with the Mrs. next week.  Too many things going on all at once.

– So, one of the funny things about getting a review copy of an EA Sports title is that you are put under embargo about giving any impressions about the game until the day of release, but Dan on the other hand can get a copy of the game via the Season Ticket and talk about it 3 days early.  Odd decision, that one.   I’ll have my impressions of my time with Tiger Woods 14 tomorrow.

– One thing that I wanted to mention in the post is the performance of the Wisconsin Men’s Hockey team.  After starting the season 1-7-2, they went on a 21-5-5 run and won the WCHA tournament championship (in the WCHA’s last season, sadly) to make the NCAA tournament.

Everyone here knows that I’m a huge Wisconsin homer, but this was a great run to end a season.  What’s even more entertaining to me is that just a few days before Christmas, I had this exchange with my daughter.

Gaby – “Daddy?  Do you know what my Christmas wish is?”

Me – “What, Gaby?”

Gaby – “For the Badgers hockey team to play just a bit better.”

Neither my wife nor myself force sports onto our kids, but man… you should have seen how happy my oldest daughter was when she heard that the Badger hockey team would still be playing this weekend.

I’m not expecting or hoping for a national championship, but I’m just glad that my daughter’s wish came true and made her as happy as it did.

– Now that we’re to the round of sixteen, I feel it’s a good time to update the results of the bracket contest.

John Brown is in the lead, but I’m in 9th and 1st among those picking Kansas to win the tournament.  So, there is that….

– Speaking of the tournament, I’m not going to be happy unless I watch more of FGCU highlights and see them beat Florida in their next game.  How can you watch that and not want that and not want that team to win it all?

– More tomorrow.


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  1. granger44 says:

    I sure won’t retain my lead for long.


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