Riding the Pines – Episode 81

Well, look what we found here… time to do another podcast with Dan and Glen.

We cover… well, quite a bit, best that you just listen for yourself to find out all of the details.

The podcast is available here for download as well as on iTunes again.


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5 Responses to Riding the Pines – Episode 81

  1. Dan says:

    It’s not on iTunes yet.. 😦


  2. Glen says:

    It’s up now. I just saw it there.


  3. jonahfalcon says:

    Woo! Two podcasts this month? What a bounty after a long absence!


  4. msbonik says:

    Any thoughts on a fantasy baseball league again this year? 5×5 preferably. 🙂


  5. Joey Six Pack says:

    Bobcat was in the 2nd Police Academy movie. And he was brilliant. I watched it last weekend and he the only redeeming quality. And Lego for the Wii U is brilliant.


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