As many of you know, I live north of Boston. While in west and mid-west an hour drive keeps you in the same state, over here you could easily be in three states in that time. That means we are all connected and all close by. Most New Englanders live and die by the Boston sports teams and Maine and Massachusetts both celebrate Patriots Day, which is one of the coolest holidays around. (Not to be confused with the more recent Patriot Day which is 9-11).

Anyway, everyone knows what happened on Monday and there’s no point going back to talk about it. There will be marathons run in 2014. Things like that do not stop us.

It is always times like these when you see people reach out to one another – whether it be people assisting injured, or just keeping people in their hearts and minds. Simple things like playing Sweet Caroline at Yankee Stadium or the theme from Cheers in Milwaukee. It’s very cool to see.

Personally, while I was not down there, I did have friends who were in the VIP medical tent. To hear them talk about it and see what they saw — let’s not go there. Let’s focus on the positives that when it counts, we can put petty things aside and work together.

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