100 Things Brewers Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die – book review

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One of my first sporting memories, at the age of 8, was watching the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers win the ALCS against the California Angels, which propelled them to their first (and only) World Series appearance.   Since then, I was a dedicated Brewers fan, but being a very young one, some of the stories and events of that year, along with many others before it, were lost to me.  Thankfully Brewers beat writer, Tom Haudricourt, has put together this book detailing 100 of the greatest moments and activities that have happened with the Milwaukee Brewers, County Stadium, or Miller Park.

You would think that it might be difficult to come up with 100 great moments (well, some of them weren’t all great) for a team with only 44 years worth of history, and while I knew a good deal of these, there were plenty of  surprising tales contained within the book.  Whether it was reading the story of Terry Francona’s ejection while receiving an intentional walk, hearing of the dangerous games of “flip” that were played by the 1982 team, the story of Gus the Wonder Dog, how the “ball and glove” logo was designed for the team, or reading of some of the great moments from the playoff seasons of 1982, 2008, and 2011, there is plenty of history for a Brewers fan (or any baseball fan for that matter) to get from the book.

If I had one criticism of the book, it would be that since each of the stories has a backstory told alongside it, that you will deal with a good bit of repetition if two stories from the same year are read back to back (which can and does happen throughout the book.)  Even with that caveat, it still wouldn’t be something that I would say to someone to prevent them from picking up the book though.

You can tell from the book that Tom has a passion for the game, as well as for the team that he covers, and I highly recommend picking up this book for any Brewers fan that you know.

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