Monday notes

– Let’s start catching up….

– I’m now the proud owner of a 2010 Toyota Prius after finally dealing with all of the issues with my wagon getting totalled out.  So, if you see someone driving way too slow on Wisconsin highways while they are trying to conserve as much gas as they can, it’s probably me.  (Last tank was 49.5 MPG, WOO!)

– Another reason that I haven’t been around as much of late is that I’m training for another half-marathon in a few weeks.  This one has been a hell of a lot harder to train for than the last one, so it’s taking quite a bit out of me.   4 more weeks and it’ll all be over though, for good or bad.

– Back to sports stuff….

– I have a tremendous amount of respect for what Jason Collins did yesterday in announcing that he is gay.  It’s been far too long that athletes needed to dread this decision while being an active participant in any major league sport.  Hopefully others will be able to follow in his footsteps soon enough.

– EA Sports has reportedly canned Tiger Woods 15 for next year, which I can’t say is all that surprising.  Each year the title seemed to struggle with finding it’s identity.  With some luck, they’ll be able to make some large advancements for the new console platforms (and perhaps for the PC as well.)

– If this is what is due to come of the next Xbox, count me out.

– All I’ve heard for the last week or so is that EA might be going exclusive with certain titles on the Xbox, which I truly believe will be one of the worst things that could happen in console gaming.  Ugh.  All of this stuff just makes me want to lock into PC gaming more and more….

– Still playing Your Turn Football, like it’s going out of style.  Each day, I get frustrated with my crappy backup TE’s that can’t catch a pass, but I keep playing over and over to try and get enough money to get a better team put together.  The game is just crazy addictive.

– Since I really didn’t have a ton of interest, I’m curious as to what thoughts people had about the NFL draft.  Word around here is that people are very happy with what the Packers did, but I have no real thoughts on it either way.

– Not that it was all that surprising down the stretch, but I’m very happy to see the Islanders in the playoffs again.  Not thrilled that Crosby will be back on the ice for their series with the Pens, but glad to see them back in the hunt for the Stanley Cup again.

– Lastly, I don’t think I could have ever imagined a game where the Brewers hit 5 home runs (and 3 triples) and not one of those hits came from Ryan Braun.  This team is a total mystery to me right now as they doing the lion’s share of their scoring and work without Weeks hitting or Aramis Ramirez or Corey Hart even playing.  Utterly remarkable that they’re over .500 at the end of April.

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