I’m still using DirecTV and just in awe of all the channels that are available. I mean who knew I needed 20 channels devoted to shopping? I can buy exercise equipment, improve my sex life and listen to songs of the 80s just from the infomercial channels.

The coolest thing has to be the 3D channels. As you know I have a couple of those Playstation 3D TVs…the Sony brand didn’t really sell them very well and it’s too bad because Simulview is great technology and when I bought mine for $99, it was a steal. So since DTV has 3D sports channels, I turned on a World Cup Qualifier….wow. 3D is cool. I mean I’m not sure it’s much more than a novelty but it’s a very cool novelty nonetheless.

As I continue to upgrade my technology, my old slingbox (hd pro) is gone for the 500 and the Roku 3 replaces the Roku 2. And the Tivos are replaced by the Genie…so I have to hit eBay sometime.

Finding the endless cables for these things is driving me crazy. I have these plugs that I have no idea what they originally plugged into. It’s so frustrating. Why would I just leave a plug out without it being next to the applicance it’s plugged into. And it’s not a “usual” plug. That’s why USB is pretty awesome. It’s more like find the AC Adapter tip that fits into this. Ugh.  Stupid.


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