Tuesday notes

– Well, it’s my birthday and it’s clear to me that the only thing that my body is getting better at, as I get older, is producing more ear wax and ear hair.

– I stopped into Starbucks this morning to get a free birthday smoothie (quite nice of them, really) and saw that they had free iTunes codes for a TV show.  This weeks code was for the ESPN Films presentation of Catching Hell, a great documentary about Steve Bartman.

Here’s the code that I picked up for any of you iTunes users.  First come, first served.


Please post a comment if you use it.

– The Islanders played a hell of a series against the Penguins, losing 2 of the 6 games in overtime, including the series clincher on Saturday night.  That team really does look like it’s got things heading in the right direction for the first time in a few decades…. hell, they haven’t won a series since 1993, so I think they’re due.   With a bit more experience, I think they could be a tough Eastern Conference team for years to come.

– As far as gaming is concerned, I’ve been playing around with Sleeping Dogs on the PS3 thanks to its addition on Playstation Plus.  The fighting engine really has a similar feel to the Batman Arkham Asylum/City games, and that is a great compliment.   One other thing that I really enjoyed is that after you spend some time with certain characters in the game, it adds specific bonus items to your map so that you don’t have to search the city blindly looking for them (health shrines, surveillance cameras, and jade statues being the ones that I’ve got added to this point.)

I know that I’ve sung the praises of the Playstation Plus before, but I really don’t think about buying many games lately due to the fact that there are so damn many good games on the service right now.  Best $50 I spend in gaming each year.

– Have a great Tuesday.

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