Xbox One

Well, most of you aren’t living under a rock so you probably already heard about the new console, the Xbox One.

My thoughts:
1. My DirecTV already allows me to change channels on my remote. I really don’t need voice commands.
2. Nothing on how you’ll get TV into your Xbox. Looks like you’ll pass through the HDMi from your cable/direcTV converter as there’s no cable card slot. So how does that work? Does it have a built in IR blaster without wires like the Slingbox 500? Will it work with DirecTV or cable only? Will it suck as much as the Wii U’s TV mode that has yet to really be developed?
3. My that’s a good looking dog.
4. So much for taking your Xbox One with you on trips since it requires internet. Can you use your mobile phone as a Wifi hotspot to connect your Xbox?

What bothers me so much as that all of these console developers think they control the press in the same way a Cold War country did in the 60s. I don’t understand why they don’t put out the date, the price, how it works with backwards compatibility or any of that stuff. Putting it out six months later must be a “good marketing strategy” but I think it’s stupid. In my focus group of 12 year olds that live at my house; they thought the dog was awesome but wanted to know how much it was to start saving for it. They wanted to know when it will be out. They wanted to know if they could bring the game over to a friends house to play it. I had no answers.

Why even bother with an event if basic questions can’t be answered. At least with this presser, we saw what the console looked like.

..and people wonder why the industry is crashing…


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3 Responses to Xbox One

  1. Yankeefan4444 says:

    Some have been answered. As far as taking that game to a friends house, only if they are logged in on the friends Xbox under their own account. Otherwise, the friend has to pony up $50 – $60. So there will be no rental business for the new Xbox which means I have no interest in it. And I have had every Xbox since the first one on the first day they have been available!

    Microsoft has forgotten which side their bread is buttered on.


  2. msbonik says:

    I highly doubt I will be getting either the PS4 or the Xbox One. The main reason I bought a PS3 was for the Blu-Ray capabilities and Xbox 360 because it came free in one of those TV bundles from Best Buy. I game 99.5% of the time on PC (Madden and The Show being the other .5%) I could see them being jerks and shutting off Netflix or other services on the PS3/Xbox360 in order to drive upgrade purchases.


  3. rpommier says:

    Think I’m about done with consoles also. First on the used games thing, that totally sucks. I used to give my old games to my nieces and nephews, when I was done. Gave the parents a break, and kept a constant stream of games to the little ones.

    And the back compat thing is also unappealing. I know I can keep my 360, yadda, yadda. But why? It’s nothing but a way for MS to sell me more stuff. Now I like buying stuff (I’m really in deep with League, borderline problem there) but I don’t like feeling like I’m being forced to buy the latest “stuff”.

    Besides I’ve discovered this thing called League of Legends & DOTA 2, late to the party on this one. And, I’ve been playing more games on my PC in the last 6 months anyway. At least on the PC I’m always backwards compatible and the games are cheaper. I’ll miss Madden, but I’ve been having a great time with Strat-o-matic football, so that scratches that itch.

    Hopefully the market speaks and MS is forced to address some of the decisions it has made. One thing I’m wondering, is how Gamestop is going to deal with this?


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