Friday notes

No idea what happened to half of my Xbox One post from yesterday, but it has been updated and is fully available now.

– I’ll be running in my 2nd half marathon on Sunday, so um, I’ll be tired for most of the weekend, I guess.   My goal is only to set a personal best, so I hope I can pull that off.  Lately I’ve been fighting stitches in my side every time I run, so I might need to adjust my stride a bit for the race.  We’ll see how it all shakes out.

– Other than that, I’ve just been watching a fair bit of hockey (Rangers suck, and I hate the way that the Red Wings are playing hockey right now.)

– In gaming, I’ve been playing with Sleeping Dogs on the PS3, Pushmo on the 3DS (which is an awesome puzzle game,) and Fire Emblem on the 3DS (just an amazing strategy title.)

– Back with more after my race on Sunday.

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