Thoughts on a new video card?

I’m starting the process of putting together a new gaming PC and was looking at two different cards, the AMD 7870 and the new Nvidia GTX 760.

Anyone have any thoughts?  Looks like the 760 has the 7870 beat, but with the 7870 you can get three games for free (Bioshock, Tomb Raider, and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.)

Any thoughts?

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2 Responses to Thoughts on a new video card?

  1. hollams says:

    I had some small issues in the past using AMD drivers and the Catalyst software where I couldn’t pull up the Catalyst software after upgrading the drivers, that was using a Radeon 7850. I then tried the Nvidia 570 and haven’t had any driver issues.
    I recently went with a 3 monitor setup in my second gaming setup and used the 7850 for that and it worked quite well but I did need something faster so I upgraded to a Titan. It’s easier to switch between monitor modes with AMD, but I had to use an active display port adapter to get the 3rd monitor working, with the Nvidia I could use all 3 dvi ports or mix an HDMI with 2 DVI so it had better connecting options. They both ran the games fine.

    I did read some articles about how all the new consoles are using AMD chips and therefore more PC ports may be tuned much better for AMD vs Nvidia, Nvidia will have to modify their drivers after the game comes out.

    My personal choice is Nvidia, but with the 3 free games I think the 7870 would be a be a good buy.


  2. msbonik says:

    The 760 does not have me terribly excited. The price on a 670 now is just about $300 though and that has me thinking about it. A 770 is also on the possibilities list. The 3 free games are not a factor that would affect my purchase decision since all three are “Wait to buy until Steam sale” type games to me.


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