When life gets in the way…

For the last month or so, things have been rather interesting for myself and my family.  Quite a few things have been going on, but I just hadn’t really said much about them because I thought, for some reason, that they would not get in the way of my posting on the site.  Over the past few weeks, I found that I was wrong about that.

I want to be clear that I’m not stepping away from the site or anything like that.  When I think of Sportsgamerblog.com, it makes me happy, because it’s something that we’ve been working on for quite a long time and I’m proud of what we do here.  It may not be high concept or an incredibly popular site, but it’s allowed me to meet some terrific people and make some great friends.

So, about a month ago I was completing my training for my half marathon, which went pretty badly.  I finished the race, but was dealing with all sorts of cramp and abdominal issues for the last 5 miles.  Basically, it sucked.  Still, I finished, which should be the goal of everyone running a race such as those.

Four weeks ago, my wife had surgery that will be keeping her out of work for the next few weeks.  She is doing very well and the surgery has been a complete success.  This is a surgery that she had been working towards getting done for quite a few years, so this has been a relief to get the procedure completed.

Two weeks ago today, my wife called me and let me know that her father (who had been in the Mayo clinic for the last six and a half months) could finally be receiving the new heart that he was waiting for.   So, I was out of town for four days of that week while he went through the surgery and the first stages of his recovery.  The transplant surgery went just about perfectly and he has already left the hospital and will be staying at the transplant house for the next three months.

Also, I got a promotion at my job which has caused me to work quite a few more hours than I had in the past (but that should be starting to settle down in the coming weeks and months… maybe.)

All of those things have added together to make life quite a bit more hectic than it had been in the past.  Now that most of them are resolving themselves (and everyone is doing very well,) life should be starting to get back to normal and you can begin to expect more and more riveting commentary from Dan and myself (maybe Craig too, but probably not.)

So, on the agenda in the next week is a webserver move (I finally have a host that looks to be a more stable one,) perhaps a more regular podcast schedule, and all of the exciting commentary that you have grown to give your begrudging acceptance over these long years.

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