Wednesday notes

Hot Shots Golf for the Vita is $10 shipped from Tiger Direct.

I really enjoyed this new version of the game for the Vita.  If you have the system, well worth the $10.

– The Onion has had some pretty good headlines today about the Supreme Court overturning DOMA.

– Still looking at various video card options.  I have a $200 gift card from work that it about to expire and it’s burning a hole in my pocket and I really want to put it towards some new PC components, so I’m really looking hard at a few different video card options.  I hadn’t thought about a triple monitor solution before… but it’s got me a good deal more tempted  now.  Now I’m just trying to examine which card might be best for SLI if I ever move in that direction (haven’t ever done that to this point.)

– Thanks to I picked up Skylander Giants for the WiiU for $1.    Will I ever play the game?  Hmm… More than likely not, but it really makes me feel like I’m getting more value out of my WiiU when I have more games sitting by the system.

– Speaking of other games for the WiiU, the Super Luigi DLC for Super Mario Bros WiiU is much better than I thought it would have been.  Not that I was expecting a reskin of the levels, but the challenge involved in playing the game (especially if you try to collect all three large gold coins) is pretty impressive.  I’ve been playing through 3 or 4 levels a night (which I love doing with the off-screen play) and can easily see my daughters wanting to play it since you can play the whole thing with Nabbit as well (no damage can be taken by him except for falling off of ledges.)   WiiU owners should really look at picking it up now, or when the game comes out via retail in August.

– Lastly, I forgot to comment on the NHL playoffs, but they were absolutely amazing this year.  In any other year, after the Islanders were knocked out (in a series that I believe that they should have won,) I would have packed it in and started watching baseball exclusively, but this year I really stuck with it and saw some absolutely amazing games.  From Boston coming back to beat Toronto in Game 7 of their series, to the Blackhawks scoring 2 goals in 17 seconds to (essentially) clinch the Stanley Cup, it was an amazing playoff year.

As soon as the game was over on Tuesday night, I turned to my wife and said, “I already miss hockey.”  Can’t wait for next year and have already planned on picking up NHL Gamecenter for my PS3/PS4 so I can catch every Islanders game again.  What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment.

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