Speaking of Best Buy

I had done my preorder for a new console at Best Buy because of their generous 5% rewards program and to inflate my Reward Zone Premier status.

There are some nice things about the BB program – the 5% off is great as is the expedited free shipping.

So I did that, and lo and behold I get a message saying that there is something wrong with my payment. I look at the BB Mastercard online and it shows a repeating authorization for the Xbox One. $499 over and over again. I ask BB what’s up, they say “there’s nothing wrong, you have not been charged but we have to keep authorizing your card every 5-7 days to make sure the payment is valid.”

The only problem with authorizations is that it takes away from your “available” card balance even though the charge isn’t actually on your account. And when the old authorization hasn’t dropped off, you are now having DOUBLE the amount held on your card (so in this case $1,000 of my limit). Best Buy is like “sorry, deal with it.”

I know of NO other company that pulls this garbage. Amazon will run one authorization at the time of the order and then again when the item is ready to ship. Best Buy says that if the authorization doesn’t go through every 5-7 days, the order will be cancelled. Are you kidding me? So I have to have the funds available in August for something that is released in November?

They might as well just charge me for it.

Needless to say, this is a bad practice, and I am not happy and I cancelled my order. Of course at this point, it’s tough to preorder anywhere…looks like the Microsoft Store is the only place to get a Day One console now.

Then again, maybe I just don’t need a new console and can just stick with the 360 and PS3..that is the sane thing to do…

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