Madden 25

Um…playing this game reminds me a lot of playing last year’s game. Seems like someone spent more time working on the Xbox One version….

The IF/THEN commentary is back in full effect. IF you score first, THEN Phil Simms says how big it is to score first because you can control the game. Yes, that often happens with 13 minutes left in the first.

AI is so far just atrocious at Pro level. Basic things I expect are not happening. Consistent bizarro world – I understand that once in a while it may make sense to go against common sense thought but it seems that this year it is ignoring the game variables or just doing the opposite of what anyone would expect to happen. The only time I haven’t seen it is on punts, they’ll always punt on 4th down unless they are losing in the 4th quarter….


So far I am disappointed. Only three games in though, but right now I prefer NCAA.

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