Dunk Dreams

Let’s face it, I’m not always near my console or my gaming devices but I pretty much live with my iPhone – mostly due to work (when you work for an international company and there’s six hours difference, you pretty much get email from 2:30 AM – 11PM…), so I always like a little break now and then.

Recently there have been a few interesting sports games that I’ve seen. You’ve already heard us talk about Your Turn Football — which is still fun – I just wish more people would play it.  Recently I came across another game (thanks emailers!) called Dunk Dreams which is a basketball – pseudo -RPG game.

You create a character and have skill points. It is a free to play game, so you can spend money on equipment that gives your player various performance boosts across six different attributes. The higher the attributes, the higher your overall score. The gameplay mechanics are simple. You start at a level and have to work your way up to the “boss” of the level — usually it’s a series of four opponents. In addition to that level, there’s also a gauntlet of 25 progressively harder players, a series of the day, multiplayer challenges and friend challenges. The more you play, the more XP and money you earn to improve your character and then like crack (or so I hear) you get very addicted. You have to have “juice” (the real kind, like fruit juice, not the steroid type) to play the games and it gives you about 10 games worth — you can wait to get more juice automatically — or you can buy some if you just have to play right now.

The gameplay itself is part card game, part rhythym game and part skill – you start off with a base score on one of your offensive moves, say your dunk skill is 30. You can play “cards” to increase your skill for that play only (you buy cards or earn them by beating your opponent). So I could play a +6 skill card and now have a skill of 36. Then during the play you are to tap the circles that pop up as your player runs into them. You can get anywhere from -3 (for missing it) to +2 on these circles. The number of circles you can hit depends on your skill (base players get 1 circle and it goes from there). That also adds to your skill. The game then makes a judgment when comparing your modified skill to your opponents skill (who can also use modifiers) to see if your shot makes it in the net.

You get three turns defending and three turns on offense. Highest score wins, and if it’s drawn after 3 you play sudden death rounds (each player gets a chance to possess and defend) until there is a winner.

This is an easy to play game, that is not going to run into smurfberry syndrome — I could get to level 20 relatively quickly without any sort of out of pocket costs (just using my earnings and purchases of items from the store) within a few days. It seems so simple but yet I keep playing it. It is very addictive.

One of the pet peeves I have about YT Football is that you blow your wad on a contract but if you don’t play anyone within 5 days, you lose that player. Ugh. At least when you upgrade your character it doesn’t go away in Dunk Dreams.

I’ve never been a jump up and down basketball fan, but I’ve always appreciated One-on-One basketball since, well, One on One came out on the Apple ][.

So anyway, if you have an iOS device, go ahead and give this game a try. There are so many different player combinations and the modifier cards really make it interesting. I look forward to seeing you on the court — maybe there’s a PvP game for you in your future! Dunk Dreams has that easy to pick up and play, hard to put down feel to it and you don’t need to spend $300 just to make your character playable – they’ve made the game so that it can provide a challenge but is not insanely hard to beat (I’m looking at you Candy Crush Saga level 85).

Here’s hoping that Brothersport games makes an Android version soon and makes it cross platform playable! (I don’t ask for much, really!)

You can grab it from the App Store.

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