When your house is burning

…I feel it’s best to throw money at the problem to see if it goes away. To me, that is what it seems like the NFL is doing when they settled their ongoing concussion lawsuits with the 4,500 former players suing them.   (Well, that and the fact that they avoided the discovery process of the trial where they would have had to disclose what they knew about concussions and when they knew it.)

You may not agree with me that the house is burning, but it’s definitely safe to say that they have a massive problem with their sport in relation to head injuries.  For years the NFL did nothing but to deny the fact that their sport caused and contributes to severe brain injuries (and they really have no way of preventing them) and now they’ve taken a small amount of money to try to make people forget about this, which is sadly ironic.

I’m sorry Peter King, but this amount of money means almost nothing to them.  It is less than 1 year of what they make from ESPN alone for the rights to broadcast a single game a week.  Hell, it’s probably less than Microsoft paid them to become the official tablet and game console for the NFL.

Along with this we have the NFL helping to force the hand of ESPN to remove their name from the upcoming Frontline documentary about brain injury and concussion issues for the NFL.

A friend was talking to me about our kids playing sports the other day and he was talking about how happy he was that his young son was about to be able to start playing football.  All I could think is that I was so glad that I wouldn’t have to try and have to deal with that issue with my girls.

A few years ago, I would live and die (no pun intended) by football.  I cared so deeply as to what happened with the Packers and the Badgers every single week, and while I have enjoyed going to some games recently (more for the experience of being with friends for the moment,) I barely have any interest in sport any more.  I am in multiple fantasy football leagues, and each one of them has become harder and harder for me to participate in.

Seeing how little the league cared for it’s players when they wasted away.  Hearing about more and more of them taking their own lives because their brains became so damaged while playing a sport that they loved, makes me ill.

For a game that I used to spend so much time caring about when I was younger, there is a part of me that would be very happy if it were to all go away.

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