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PS4/Xbox One thoughts

It has been absolutely amazing to watch how quickly Microsoft has backpedaled from their initial concepts of what they would do with the Xbox One platform.  If you look at the system/software/integrations that they talked about before E3 and the … Continue reading

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Ryan Braun

Well, since I was asked about it, I think it’s only fair to give you my thoughts and feelings in regards to the Ryan Braun matter. My feelings are this.  I don’t care. I didn’t care about McGuire and Sosa. … Continue reading

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Fifa International Soccer

If you are old like me, you probably remember FIFA International Soccer for the Sega Genesis around the time of the World Cup ’94. MCV has an interesting story about how EA didn’t think the game would sell. 20 years … Continue reading

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Guten Tag!

Hello everyone – been a while. I have a good reason though. My work had me in Germany for two weeks where I was reviewing the overseas operation. It was my first international trip and learned a lot, even some … Continue reading

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EA’s Problem with College Football

Today it was announced that the SEC, Big 10, and Pac 10 will not be licensing their brands to EA for the next version of their College Football game series (formerly NCAA Football.)  Individual universities can continue to license their … Continue reading

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Monday notes

So, the server was down again… That will be resolved by the end of the week.  It’s been a frustrating thing to deal with every week or so. – I have about 100 things to write lately, and seemingly add … Continue reading

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Fairway Solitaire free for iPhone and iPad.

Here’s the link. If only they would get around to releasing a free Android version for me.

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