Friday notes

– So, the first thing that my oldest daughter said to me after I mentioned that I would be doing an interview for the BBC was this.

“Yay!  We’re going to be famous now!”

“I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re not going to be famous from this, plus you didn’t do anything… so you wouldn’t be famous,” I responded.    Safe to say that I’m a very sarcastic father.  I wonder how much therapy it will take to solve these sorts of things when she gets older.

– Last night I was able to try out both the PES 2014 and FIFA 14 demos on the PS3 and found that both of them offered a very entertaining soccer experience.

Pro Evo’s new engine is really quite impressive and while it was a bit challenging to get into, the goals that I scored were very rewarding and well earned.   I found myself disappointed that I couldn’t save off the replay of one of the headers that I scored on as it was an awesome ball that just deflected off of the goalies hand into the top right corner of the goal.  Another nice addition to the PES demo was the section where you learn how to play defense and time your tackles.  In my time with the demo, I was really punished by the CPU when I made a foolish attempt at a tackle and ended up drawing 2 yellow cards during my three games, one of which led to a penalty kick (that the other team converted on.)  The demo had a great feel to it and really made me want to spend more time with the full version, which I will hopefully be doing in the next week.

FIFA 14’s demo did not disappoint either as I was able to jump into the FIFA Ultimate team mode and put together a winning effort with my team over Boca Juniors.  What did frustrate me a bit, as far as FIFA is concerned, is the fact that you’re kind of thrown in with the controls without having any sort of tutorial to show you how to pull off specific types of moves.  A minor quibble though, as if you are experienced with the game, you should be able to dive into it without much of an issue.

The two games are very different as PES 2014 has a slower feel to it, but that makes it feel a good deal more realistic.  FIFA’s use of the turbo button really makes the players feel as if they’re able to sprint a great deal faster than they really should be able to move.

Obviously FIFA can be a bigger draw due to the full FIFA license that it offers but I found PES to be as fun and enjoyable as FIFA, if not more so, based on my early time with the title.  It’s an odd decision to change engines right at the end of a console’s lifespan, but the change for Pro Evolution seems to have come at a terrific time.

– Last evening I hit the point in GTA V where you can start to take on a lot of the sport type activities in the game, and seeing as how I had unlocked that, I went out and played the 9 hole golf course that they have in the game.

It’s safe to say that the game has very little in common with Tiger Woods as the swing control model is very basic, but the worst part that I experienced with it had to do with the button mappings.  Push up or down on the d-pad to change clubs, but push right on the d-pad to quit the golf mode.  Huh?  Why put the quit button mapping so close to one that you need to use on every single shot?  I had to have hit the quit button 5 or 6 times in my first round before I started to stay away from it.

Again, it’s a very light mode and pretty easy to get used to as far as the timing is concerned.   It is entertaining to see that someone has already shot a 10 under par round in the game mode, so either they’ve hacked it, or it’s a pretty dang easy.  heh.

– Finally, I’m on my last weekend before my half-marathon next weekend, so I’ll be taking it pretty easy.  Only one more 5 or 6 mile run tomorrow and then some very short workouts until the race next Saturday.  At this point, I’m just looking to set a new personal best with the race and that certainly feels possible based on some of my training runs of late.  I just have to push through any pains that I deal with and go from there.  Hopefully it’ll all work out.

– Have a great weekend.

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