Monday notes

Here’s the link to the podcast BBC Radio interview that I did with their SportsHour program.   The show does cover a few much more complicated subjects than a simple game being released, so if you want to get to the light-hearted fare, my segment starts at about the 41 minute mark.  I do recommend listening to the segment on Brian Banks, as it’s a story that hasn’t been covered nearly enough.

I tried to listen in to the local radio feed for the BBC here, but they didn’t have the program on.  Oh, well.  I only woke my wife up at 5:15 in the morning on Saturday to see if it was on, which she will remind me about for the near future.

– Last thing about the radio bit, unfortunately they did get the website name wrong.  I guess that can happen from time to time though.  Too bad I can’t purchase, but Gamespot has that one now and it would probably cost a few bucks to acquire.  heh.

– Gotta give some thanks to Dan for mentioning the PES Enhanced demo that was available if you bought the avatar pack.  I spent a large portion of  my Saturday evening playing with South Northwood (Crystal Palace, without the licensing) in the English League.  One of the things that Dan and I talked about that night was how each goal feels like a massive achievement in the game.  When I first started with the game, it really did feel amazing when I scored each goal and I was happy to save as many of the replays of the tallies on my system as I could.   The game also has a really great option modification system so that as you continue to get used to the gameplay, you can add more and more difficult to the controls so you get less and less help from the CPU.

Some of the matches that I was playing were absolutely incredible and the stadium and presentation work that Konami has done really does add to the intensity in the later stages.

Dan said that he’d be picking the game up, and I’m hoping to have my hands on a copy in the near future as well.

– Speaking of soccer, I am loving the NBC coverage of the Premier League as I was able to wake up at 7:30 on Sunday to catch the Crystal Palace/Swansea match on my tablet, and even though the Eagles got thoroughly trounced it was great to be able to catch the match live.

Seems like it might be a long season for Crystal Palace, and I have fears that the team that I’ve chosen to support may get relegated to a lower division in my first year of watching them.  Hopefully they’ll get things straightened out soon.

– Lastly, I got trounced in the fantasy football league.  Across my 3 leagues, I’m 2-1, 2-1, and 0-3, with largely the same team.  Amazing to see what different scoring systems do in each league.

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