Wednesday notes

– Last night’s premier for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. definitely left me encouraged for the rest of the season as it really felt like a Joss Whedon show from start to finish.  Snappy dialogue, fun action sequences, along with plenty of appearances from previous Whedon shows (J. August Richards being an Angel alum and Ron Glass from Firefly) all made for a fun first episode.   Also, they had some great plot teasers as to why Agent Coulson is back.  I’m not watching a ton of television lately, but I have the DVR set for this one and am hoping for good things as the season moves along.

– Another thing that I’m excited about is the upcoming information about the new Steam living room solution.  The Steam OS reveal from Monday (and another reveal is due shortly) sounded terrific.  The ability to stream PC games to my TV from a system that is parked in another part of my house would make me a very happy gamer.  (Right along with Vita TV, another product that I would love to have in my home.)

– As the minutes get closer, I’m getting more and more excited for my half-marathon on Saturday.  During my speed-work class last night someone gave me a time that he thought I should be able to attain, and I just about fell over.  For some reason, he seems to think that I’ll be able to shave 23 minutes off of my personal best based on some of my recent times in my speed work class.  That would be incredible, but I’m maintaining a cautious optimism about the whole event.  I haven’t been able to do a whole half (pain-free) to this point, but it would be awesome to really put together a complete race.  I guess I’ll find out for sure on Saturday.

– Less than 1 week to the NHL season… I cannot wait for it.

– Lastly, I saw that Wisconsin released their TV schedule for the upcoming hockey season and see that 11 games will be on TV.  So, this is the benefit of playing in a new Big Ten conferences, less games on TV?  In their last year in the WCHA, they were on TV 20+ times.  This flat out sucks.  Stupid Big Ten hockey conference….


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