Friday Deep Thoughts

1. So, EA has announced they’ve settled the NCAA lawsuit and will no longer publish a college football game.

–> I consider this a major win for the players and a major loss for EA and the NCAA. Although there is no admission of wrongdoing, it certainly appeared that EA saw the writing on the wall. Of course, as always with anything like this, the people that really lose are gamers. There’s no more college football game, which will most likely reduce the popularity of the sport. There is a definite correlation between a sports popularity and the video game. At least there is in my opinion. So by stopping the licensing and the game, I don’t think it will be as popular.


2. Finally our friends in the UK have FIFA 14. Originally when I played the PES 14 demo, I agreed with Glen that the game is fun. I played the full version and it can’t compete with FIFA. From the “hey lets play the Merseyside Red vs Merseyside Blue” lack of licensing to the horrid (and I mean HORRID) English commentary, it’s tough to really enjoy this game. I also love Ultimate Team and there’s nothing else like it. It’s tough to recommend PES. The gameplay isn’t bad, but as a “complete package” it is lacking.




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