Monday notes

– Well, I was able to knock 6 1/2 minutes off of my personal best for my half marathon time when I ran at the Brewers Mini last weekend.  Everything was great for the first 5 miles, and I felt pretty good for the next few, but at the 8 mile mark, I hit some issues that really forced me to change my pace and as a result my time wasn’t as great as I wanted, but I was happy to get through yet another 13.1.

I may run another race in a few weeks, but we’ll have to see if my body is feeling up to another go.  (I have killed off a few toenails on my left foot, so I might need to make some shoe adjustments.)

– It would be foolish to say that I was shocked that EA killed off the NCAA Football series for next year.   The concept of “College Football ’15” seemed to be a very strange one when they were still facing the lawsuit from Sam Keller and Ed O’Bannon.  What really struck me was the fact that the settlement amount is rumored to only be $40 million from EA and the CLC, which tells me that the class action group is REALLY going after the NCAA and was only targeting EA as a small part of the larger problem of student-athlete compensation for the use of their names and images.  It’s still going to take years to settle it all, but this might be the first year that NCAA Football trade in values don’t plummet 6 months after release.

– On Friday, I took the day off to be able to go and get my running packet for the race on Saturday, but before I left, I figured I would turn on the PS3 to see if I could get in a few minutes of GTA V.  Well, I was surprised by the fact that my 80GB (backward compatible) system was hit with the Yellow Light of Death and no longer functions.

I’m looking at picking up one of the repair kits from iFixit, but I didn’t know if anyone else here had dealt with one of these issues in the past.  Honestly, if it wasn’t a backward compatible system, I’d consider writing it off, but it has some saves on it that I really want to keep and it has my brand new copy of GTA V stuck inside of it.

The kit costs $40 and it sounds like the success rates for fixing it are pretty good, but it’s still not money I wanted to invest less than 2 months before the launch of the PS4.  Sigh…

– Lastly, since I couldn’t mess around with my PS3… I decided to load up the Tie Fighter Collector’s CD-Rom on  my old PC.  Now that is a slice of fried gold.  It’s an absolutely awesome gameplay experience and it holds up just as well today as it did back then.  I can’t believe much fun it is to dive back into that series.   Here’s hoping that Star Citizen can capture only a tiny amount of how much fun a space-flight simulator can be.

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