Monday notes

– Yesterday I ran my last half-marathon for the year and took 12 minutes off of my personal best time that I just had set 3 weeks ago.  It’s crazy to think that I’ve been able to make up so much time in such a short period, but this was the first time that I was really able to fight through the wall that I’d been hitting around the 7 mile mark.   There is still more room for improvement though, but that’ll be for next year.

– Speaking of running, someone ran a marathon while knitting.  Runners are very strange people, aren’t they?

– In hockey, Mike Smith of the Phoenix Coyotes scored a goal on Saturday night.  Oh… BTW, he’s a goalie.  Absolutely awesome.

– Anyone picking up Rocksmith 2014 tomorrow?  I just can’t figure out if I want to get the PC version, as there are options there for custom songs, or if I want to continue with the 360 version as the Kinect controls for the game look very cool.  Decisions….

– Lastly, Craig and I were talking the other day about NCAA Football 14 and it got me interested in playing the game again.  So, over the weekend (when I wasn’t running) I was playing through a season with South Alabama (who I took over after 1 season as the OC for Western Michigan.)

After playing through a season, where I went 8-5 (winning the bowl,) I was offered no less than 20 head coaching jobs.  OK, that seems a bit excessive, but I’ll go with it.  What was annoying to me about the coaching selection part of the game was the fact that my offensive coordinator (who did nothing I as I played all offensive plays) got hired away to another school to be their head coach.  That part of it was fine, but the part that makes no sense is that the OC role was automatically filled by the CPU.  Why wouldn’t I have a part to play in filling that position?  That would have been a great addition to the dynasty mode, allowing you to scan through other teams and seeing how their offenses (or defenses) ranked and making job offers to other coordinators once yours left.  Sadly, it’s just another thing to be disappointed about for the, now dead, NCAA Football franchise.

I’m sure I’ll be burnt out on the game (again) in the next few days though.   That would be the normal pattern for things…

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