Wednesday notes

– Ah the fun of running… So, after taking a day or so off, I went out and ran again last Tuesday night and found that there was a pretty bad pain in my right hip.    The pain is still there a week later after taking an entire week off.

It really sucks, since I was at a point where I was running 20+ miles a week and now I’m doing… nothing.  Trying to put off a doctor visit at this point, as I have no idea what to even have them look at.   I just hate when you have an injury and it doesn’t seem to improve after a while.   Here’s hoping it clears up soon, as I don’t want to lose the momentum I had going with my running.

– Congratulations to Carlos Gomez for winning his 1st Gold Glove.  The sad part was that the Brewers hadn’t had a Gold Glove winner since Robin Yount in 1982… ugh.  Go-Go really deserved the award though, especially when you look at the reel of some of the game saving catches that he made this year.  (I still love the look on Votto’s face as if he couldn’t believe that Gomez had actually caught the ball and was just trying to fool everyone with a game ending catch.)

– As I see all of the comparison articles starting to come out about the PS4 vs. the Xbox One vs. PC gaming and it’s looking more and more like I want to invest in new PC hardware (as well as a new monitor.)

All of the AMD R9 reviews make them look stellar (except for the amount of heat that they generate,) but then Nvidia went and dropped the prices on the GTX 770 and 780’s.

Anyone have thoughts on the recent generation of video cards and their thoughts on what ones they have or what they like?  I know I mentioned this a few months back, but I’m glad that I held off as it seems like prices are a bit better now for performance.

– Two site notes, I’ll be doing an interview tomorrow that I will be posting as a podcast, as well as via a transcript (it will take a bit more time, but I’m trying to see if people like those more.)

Also, I should have a review up by the end of the week of a game that I’ve never played before, but has taken up a tremendous amount of my time since I started playing it.

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