Friday Notes

– If you have the means (ESPN on-demand was how I tracked it down,) try and watch Big Shot, the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about John Spano’s purchase of the Islanders.  It’s an amazing look into how a man with a wealth in the hundred of thousands of dollars worked his way through his connections to purchase a National Hockey League franchise for $165 million with almost no money down.

One of the issues that I had to take with the documentary had to deal with how they presented the Islanders as a franchise that had seemingly gone into the basement of the NHL after winning four consecutive cups from 80-83, when that wasn’t really the truth.  They hadn’t been terrific, true, but 3 years before the story in the documentary takes place, they were in the conference finals after beating Pittsburgh in an amazing series.  So, it does sensationalize the problems that the franchise was running into, but it’s still a very solid look into an amazing story.

– So, I thought I would be able to post my most recent interview today, but it’s under embargo due to some of the things that we spoke about.  I’ll be working on it over the weekend and it will post next week when I am able to.

I’m in the process of efforting interviews for the various other next-generation sports titles that will all be releasing in 2 weeks time as well.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I’m able to provide from those.

– Over the weekend, I’ll be posting the review of the game that has eating up all of my free time.  (I really cringe sometimes when I look at the tracker that Steam has implemented into their client…)

– Lastly, I picked up Rocksmith 2014 and started working on that yesterday (along with picking up a new guitar.)  It’s amazing how quickly my callouses went away from my last time messing around with the guitar.   This time, I think I’m a bit more dedicated to it and hope to be able to master a few more songs than I did with the previous version of the software.

One thing is for certain though, the interface and loading times are massively improved.  Not needing to tune your guitar every time you attempt a song (if it’s tuned correctly for the type of song) is a terrific enhancement.   Also, the riff repeater feature, where you can slow down and work on each particular segment of a song, has been wonderful as it’s really helped me to get my finger positions down while I’m working on the song, all while not getting too frustrated with learning how to play a particular chord or series of chords.

– Have a great weekend!

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