Saturday Thoughts

1. As you might have guessed, I did pick up an Xbox One yesterday. I know you are shocked. Anyway, my first impressions:

  • The console is huge. Having to put it horizontal and not vertical is a downer for me. The shelf I have the XB1 on is shorter than the XB1. It’s more than 70% on the shelf so I had to let it go. I really felt I had to struggle to put it all together – mainly because I had to route the DirectTV Genie box through a Slingbox and then from the Slingbox to the XB1 and then from the XB1 to the TV. Ugh.
  • The controller feels good. Buttons are a little softer than the 360 controller. The battery thing is mucho annoying, so I guess I’ll give in and get a play and charge kit. I don’t know the battery life.
  • Setting up the kinect is not easy for me either. Unlike the PS4 camera that just can sit on top of an LCD TV no problem, the Kinect unit is heavy and huge and cannot just sit on top. In addition to that there are no stands available for it yet. So you have to have some sort of shelf. Yuck.
  • I was concerned that my XB1 couldn’t control my DirecTV unit as the Genie unit wasn’t near the console. It was good to know that the IR blaster is in the Kinect so as long as that’s near the cable box, you are all set. For those old school folks, like the new Slingbox 500 the IR blaster is all built in, you no longer need to plug in a wired extension to cover the other unit’s remote sensor. That’s a good thing.
  • The game install time seems dramatically longer than the PS4. What I really hate right now about this generation is the expectation of a Day One patch and these aren’t small. The Forza update was 6GB. These game manufacturers do know that there are bandwidth limits on cable right? I mean mine is 350GB a month but man, just in game installs I’m close.
  • The hard drive fills up fast just like the PS4.
  • You can play crippled versions of the game while it continues to install. In FIFA or Madden, you could play a quick Super Bowl rematch or a select friendly between two teams. I really don’t call that play while you install because it’s like playing a demo.
  • I am enjoying all of the games I have played so far, including Ryse. Sue me.
  • The TV thing is very cool. You don’t know how cool voice commands are until you use them. Remember The Running Man movie? ICS channel 3? Well that’s about as easy as it can get. I have DirecTV and about 3 billion channels. I have no idea which channel NESN is, but I can say “Xbox watch NESN” and there it goes. This is nice.
  • The Xbox SmartGlass so far is neat, but not necessary yet.

So there you go. My son says he likes CoD on Xbox1 over PS4. I have to say after the dreg of install, it does seem to move faster.

With Madden I feel like the game is turbo. It is very fast. I’m not sure if that’s to replicate the speed of real football or it’s like a Pentium PC running a game designed for a 486.

FIFA is the showpiece. Extra details like the subs wearing bibs and the photographers following the play are very cool.

The transfer process for Madden Ultimate Team is awful. You have to play through the tutorial, set up your new fake team, then transfer your players over to the XB1. Then all your original team players are now reserves. Thanks for making this a cluster EA!

I haven’t played Forza yet because I had to download that huge update, plus install the game. It appears that the days of opening the game, putting it in your drive and playing it are gone. Unless it’s the WiiU. I turned on Super Mario in like 20 seconds. I appreciate that now.

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